English Proficiency Course Needs Some Improvement

English is the mostly frequently-spoken second language on the planet – and virtually a requirement for international business – is because conquest, colonialism, and the economic hegemony that serves the interest of a few powerful people who were in privileged-enough positions to enforce the technological monopolies of English-language products in the world. English is
spoken by 1 out of every 6 people in the world. It is primary language of the United States, Australia, the U.K., and the Anglophone territories of Canada, making it second only to Mandarin Chinese in number of speakers.

In Saint Joseph Institute of Technology, an English Proficiency Course (EPC) is offered to graduating students. This is to make sure that they are already proficient in using the language outside the portal of school. The course is expected to develop the student’s English proficiency in the following areas: basic grammar, English vocabulary and reading comprehension. It expected that the program will review and enhance the students learning in English and become a proficient user of the language.

Is the program really helping students? According to a recent study, there is evidence that the English Proficiency Course seemed to have no positive impact to effect change in the learning situation among the students. The course in some areas has helped students improve their English proficiency in both basic grammar and English vocabulary at a satisfactory level. However, this observed slight improvement was outweighed by those who have declined in this specific course.

The English Proficiency Course needs some improvement so that the program’s objective will not be put to waste. The faculty teaching EPC program should adopt suitable strategies that will enhance the English proficiency of the students in both areas such as mastery in English grammar, English vocabulary and reading comprehension. The school should also need to benchmark from other schools or universities as to how English proficiency be improved among students of SJIT. The school may consider adopting other enabling English proficiency program which has been noted to be very effective in other institutions.


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