Large Class Size Approach: What Instructors Should Do on The First Day of Class

The first day of class is the most significant of the semester. It is a time for establishing expectations and ascertaining processes that will guide you, and the students, during the rest of the period. Do not just give out the course outline and dismiss students by telling them to browse it on their own. A lot of them will not, while others will not figure out parts of
it. A very short session also shows that you do not see teaching and learning sincerely. It is important to visit your room before the first class. You need to recognize the arrangement and what equipment is on hand. You should also understand how to manage any equipment you intended to use as well as a phone number for support with the equipment during a class session.  Directions, as well as phone numbers for support, are commonly displayed near the equipment itself. Keep your students in mind. Although some students will be at ease in a college setting, for other students this may be their first college class. Students may have slight or no sense of what to look forward to, or what is necessary of them. Some students might have problem locating the room. For others, it may their first large class. They may possibly be taken aback at the size of the class room and require some time to look for a seat that will suit them. With these concerns, think about beginning the first class 5 minutes late. However, inform them that from now on you will start on time. Prior to the class (or just after the beginning of the semester), you may want to require students to have their name tags. The convenience of this allows you to call the students by their names.


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